JUTE BAGS Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Jute is an eco-friendly fibre. This long, soft plant is also called the golden fibre, due to its distinctive texture and luster. Grown in rich deltas of Bengal and Bangladesh, this fibre is completely bio-degradable. This fibre also breathes as all jute bags are made from cloth which is woven jute.

We create bags specifically for you – we custom make them to the dimensions, prints, and specifications which you need. Our long experience and understanding of the fabric and process, ensure you will get high quality bags that are beautifully hand crafted.

It makes us proud to support the local artists, and also to, in our small way, make the world a better and healthier place by replacing plastic bags each time we make a bag of jute or canvas.


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Advantages/Characteristics of PP Woven Bags

  • Tear resistant, reducing costly losses of products and reworking costs
  • Custom two sided printing is available
  • Can be custom designed to meet client specifications
  • Available with flat or anti-slip weaving
  • Available with or without liner
  • Bags may be heat cut, cold cut or hemmed top
  • Can be laminated or non-laminated
  • Can be gusseted or pillow/tube
  • Available in any color or transparent
  • Widely used for products needing to breathe (preventing mold or decomposition)

Some of the uses of PP Woven Bags include

  • Grains
  • Pulses
  • Sugar
  • Fertilizers
  • Animal feeds
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Salt
  • Chemicals
  • Cement

Additional Options

  • Produced with white, colored or translucent polypropylene fabric
  • Sewn in liners
  • Loose liners cuffed at the mouth of the bag
  • Hemmed, heat cut, or cold cut
  • Pillow or gusset styles
  • Valve or open mouths
  • Laminated or non-laminated
  • Micro perforations for breathability
  • Easy Open with tab
  • Available in multi-color printing
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